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TERRAGON AG is one of the leading specialists in the development of accessible housing and high-quality senior living and nursing care facilities in Germany. The company has its headquarters in Berlin and, in addition to developing its own projects, also provides advisory and support services to third-party developers.


Over the last 20 years, TERRAGON AG has developed and supported the development of 20 senior living facilities with more than 2,000 residential units and 750 nursing care beds across Germany. A total of EUR 400 million was invested in the development of these facilities.


The company’s development of residential neighborhoods for both young and old meets the requirements of demographic change in Germany. Our projects are designed to cater to all age groups – from multi-generation housing to nursing care facilities, while we also incorporate children’s day care, retail space, gastronomy and schools in our developments, as and when required. The neighborhoods developed by TERRAGON have so far created 50,000 square meters in gross floor area. A further 90,000 square meters are in the pipeline.


As an integral part of its core business, TERRAGON provides sales and marketing services to third parties in the senior living and residential real estate sectors.


TERRAGON also develops classic residential real estate in and around Berlin.


In support of its work, TERRAGON produces its own empirical studies in collaboration with renowned institutes, and develops products that address demographic needs and focus on the requirements of specific target groups.




In autumn 2017, TERRAGON INVESTMENT GmbH became TERRAGON AG. TERRAGON PROJEKT GmbH, TERRAGON VERTRIEB GmbH, TERRAGON VERTRIEB GmbH and TERRAGON WOHNBAU GmbH continue to operate under the umbrella of TERRAGON AG. Dr. Held remains responsible for project investments, corporate development and communication at the holding company, TERRAGON AG.