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Senior citizens’ housing, combining self-determined living with desired services.



Growing older involves both changes and challenges. In the SENIOR LIVING sector, TERRAGON designs and develops accessible forms of housing, making things easier as you approach new phases of life. Our approach is based on the philosophy of extending the period that people are able to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible – whether as tenants or homeowners. Assisted living means that qualified personnel are available to provide assistance, as and when required – and without sacrificing privacy or independence.


SENIOR LIVING calls for a wide range of support services. These include – in addition to emergency alert systems – support with household activities, e.g. cleaning and laundry, building supervisor services or “pick up and drop off” services. Practical organizational support is available to help arrange day trips, city breaks and leisure activities. Competent advisors are on hand to provide advice in all situations. Of course, professional nursing and medical care can also be arranged, in times of extended illness or as a result of a change in health circumstances.


This insures that residents live in the knowledge that they are well looked after and can access high-quality services whenever they need to. In our view, age-appropriate living also means creating the best conditions for independent, self-determined living.


The foundation of this form of housing is the age-appropriate, accessible design of all rooms, which pays the greatest attention to residents’ physical limitations. A high value is placed on comfort and architectural quality. Depending on the individual development, the quality of fixtures, fittings and finishes covers the full range from superior to the premium segment. TERRAGON benefits from the fact that residents have a clear idea of their requirements, developed over years of home living experience. This experience helps to shape the range of supplementary services offered in each location, and is utilized in the design and outfitting of communal spaces.