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Barrier-free living – Comfort for every age group



TERRAGON is convinced that LIVING FOR ALL and barrier-free housing are pioneering concepts in housing construction, which are realized far too infrequently in Germany. In the LIVING FOR ALL segment, TERRAGON designs and develops housing that satisfies the requirements of all generations. Accessible housing, also known as barrier-free housing, allows people to live for as long as possible within their own four walls.  


Accessible housing, constructed appropriately, delivers the highest standards of living for younger people and takes account of the physical limitations that emerge with advanced age. The biggest advantage: The need to move into a nursing care facility can be postponed, as potential physical limitations are no longer an obstacle to staying in a familiar home environment. This approach also gives younger people the opportunity to look after their older and physically limited relatives in their own homes.  


Remodeling an existing home to remove barriers and make it age-appropriate can be a costly undertaking, and is often either extremely difficult, or even impossible, to realize. At the same time, wider doorways or bathrooms with level-entry showers also offer younger residents higher levels of comfort.  


TERRAGON designs accessible housing in a variety of sizes, with intelligent floor plans and high-quality fixtures, fittings and finishes.