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Care facilities that offer more: Quality of life and comfortable atmosphere.



Even if everyone would prefer to stay in their own home as they get older, physical limitations mean that this is, unfortunately, not always possible. In the CARE LIVING segment, TERRAGON is committed to designing and developing high-quality nursing care facilities – ideally in close proximity to assisted living housing. An appealing ambience is created by our comfortable interior architecture and carefully selected materials. Our communal areas and grouped housing concepts help contribute to a well-developed sense of community. Our nursing care concept is designed around a high proportion of single rooms in easily navigable, smaller buildings.


We provide well-designed and equipped communal areas, including communal living and dining rooms for groups of residents, and larger dining rooms and restaurants for residents, family members, employees and visitors. We also provide rooms for events, activities and therapy sessions.


With the CARE LIVING concept, TERRAGON has achieved the synthesis of modern nursing care facilities with the comfort of high-quality housing.