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As the group’s holding company, TERRAGON AG oversees all of the group’s real estate development activities. The holding company is a partner in all Terragon project companies..

TERRAGON PROJEKT GmbH is active in neighborhood and project development, as well as in construction and project management. A multi-disciplinary team of urban planners, industrial engineers, geographers and commercial experts produces market studies and neighborhood land utilization plans, and plans all key aspects of the development and construction projects. With a team of experienced construction engineers and organizational specialists, TERRAGON PROJEKT has every phase of project management covered – from planning all the way through to turnkey delivery. The prime focus is on the company’s own real estate developments. TERRAGON is also well equipped to provide its services to other real estate developers. The projects delivered on-time and on-budget by TERRAGON PROJEKT speak for themselves.

TERRAGON WOHNBAU GmbH is a well-capitalized construction company, founded in 1994 as a joint venture with the BHF Bank. The company was involved in the development and construction of Müggelpark, a 400,000-square-meter site in Berlin-Köpenick. Today, TERRAGON WOHNBAU serves as a general contractor for the TERRAGON Group and bundles all potential construction and warranty risks that may arise from the award of individual contracts during construction.

TERRAGON VERTRIEB GmbH focusses on the targeted marketing and sales of accessible senior living and residential real estate for owner-occupiers and buy-to-let investors across the whole of Germany. TERRAGON began operations in this field in 1999, with the successful marketing of the company’s first senior living project – the premium residence Sophiengarten in Berlin-Steglitz. In 2015, the division became a limited company in its own right, pooling the experience and competence of a team involved in the successful sales and marketing of more than 2,000 residential units. TERRAGON VERTRIEB is one of the leading companies in marketing life tenancies for senior living facilities.